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In dreams, a house is often interpreted as symbolic for the self. Integrity Recovery House, a gambling-specific recovery house living model, then can be thought of symbolically as a place where the self can attain integrity and return to balance.

A tree is often thought of as symbolic for growth. As trees grow, they are subjected to wind that can damage their roots and branches. They are rocked and swayed by high winds. As a result, a natural healing process occurs that causes the roots and branches to become denser and stronger. They become stronger from adversity. Trees that are sheltered from the wind may look strong and do well, as long as they continue to have other trees protect them, but without this shelter they are sometimes unable to adapt. Conversely, trees that are in the wind all the time have difficulty too. Some go over with a mighty crash.

For our own ultimate good, occasional adversity can cause a natural process of becoming stronger, not hardened and bitter, but more flexible and resilient.

If our roots become stronger than they were before the winds came, then they can withstand storms. Until your roots become that strong, the Integrity Recovery House will be the place that blocks the wind so you can strengthen and become more resilient.

Our Mission

The Integrity Recovery House-- because of its home-like environment, through the quality of the staff and the support of peers, and through the spirit that is offered-- gives each resident an opportunity that maximizes potential for the internal choice of a life of integrity and recovery from gambling addiction.

Our Vision

To see our clients and their families restore balance and wellness as a result of their connection with Integrity Recovery House.

Our Core Values

  1. Respect for our client's individual uniqueness
  2. Confidentiality
  3. Each client's strengths are unique and are the key to their resiliency and wellness
  4. Understanding our client's cultural context is as important as accurate diagnosis
  5. Wellness and resiliency
  6. Compassionate and heart-based care
  7. Evidence-based practices


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